Vegan wild mushrooms and toasted hazelnut croquettes with paprika (unit price) 2,20
Vegan artichoke, pistachio and vegetable ham croquettes (unit price) 2,20
Gorgonzola cheese, nuts and fig croquettes with lime zest (unit price) 2,20
Crispy puff pastry potatoes with homemade brava sauce 8,00

Guacamole with fried vegetable chips 8,00

Duo of dips. Muhammara (Syrian pate) and lentil, mushroom and dried fruit 'faux gras', served with papadum, Arabic and Lebanese bread 8,50
Duo of crispy rolls with carrot, leek and goat cheese served with peanut sauce 9,00

Vegan Spanish potato salad. Potato, carrot, olives, peas and vegetable tuna with mayonnaise served with sesame grissini 10,40

First courses

Fresh cheese and camembert cheesecake with leek, zucchini and a salty crackers base served with romesco sauce 8,80
Crispy marinated seitan salad with mezclum leaves, Red Dragon orange, crunchy corn, toasted peanuts, mustard vinaigrette and sprouts served with avocado ice cream 11,50

Sea-flavored ceviche. Tapioca salmon, avocado, tomato, red onion, and mango with tiger's milk made from passion fruit, Red Dragon orange, lemon, lime, ginger, sriracha, and cilantro 11,50
Burrito. Wheat tortilla stuffed with shiitake, Heura marinated in Japanese barbecue sauce, red onion, avocado, dried tomato, crispy whole wheat and rice and a ginger, soy and sesame vinaigrette dressing served with jalapeño mayonnaise 11,50

Pistachio, avocado and strawberry salad with mezclum leaves, grated smoked cheese and sprouts 12,50
Low-temperature free-range egg with sautéed asparagus and mushrooms, pumpkin parmentier, pesto of basil and goat cheese with plantain chips 12,50
Seasonal salad of buffalo burrata, organic tomatoes, sautéed seasonal fruit, pumpkin seeds and walnuts in honey with basil vinaigrette served with cilantro and garlic pita bread 14,90

Second courses

Pear and pecorino fiocchi with red pesto and shiitake mushrooms confit in tomato oil 13,20
Fresh vegan pasta stuffed with truffles and our mushroom demi glace 13,20
Helsinki burger. ‘Long chicken’ style fillet breaded with garlic and parsley, tomato, red onion, melted provolone cheese, mezclun old mustard and honey aioli served with turmeric bread, potato and sweet potato 14,20

Spicy Japanese udon noodles with a caramelized touch, gently poached and marinated vegetables in oriental sauces, toasted cashews, and lime. 14,40
Lebanese bread quesadilla stuffed with marinated seitan, sautéed seasonal vegetables and cheddar cheese served with chipotle mayonnaise 14,50
Quorn bolognese lasagna with mushrooms, almond béchamel and truffle with Neapolitan sauce and vegetable cheese.. (Lactose free) 14,50

Aubergine moussaka romesco sauce, chestnut bechamel, quorn bolognese and vegan cured cheese 14,50

Sushi poke. Sushi rice with avocado, mango, edamame sautéed with sesame oil, umami carrot, vegetable prawns and fish fritters, soft chilli sauce and Ponzu sauce 14,80
Vegan Love Burger. Quarter pounder style fillet with barbecue sauce, onion ring, cheese, caramelized onion, mezclun and chimichurri soy mayonnaise served with poppy seed bread with potatoes and sweet potatoes. (Non vegan option with egg) 15,90


Pistachio coulant and white chocolate with red fruits ice cream 6,50
Chocolate coulant with mascarpone and hazelnut ice cream 6,50

Passion fruit custard with apple in textures, passion fruit ice cream, freeze dried strawberry and hibiscus flower 6,60
Cooled cookie cream with chocolate ice cream 6,60

Chestnut and cocoa tart cream with pistachio ice cream 6,90
Cheesecake with Matcha green tea, chocolate cookies and red berries sauce 7,10

Luleå cake. Chocolate spiced pumpkin pie served with dark chocolate ice cream and Kalesi Red Dragon orange caramel7,20

Tasting menu

Starters board
1. Croquette (to choose):
   a. Gorgonzola, figs and walnuts with lime zest
   b. Boletus and toasted hazelnuts with paprika from La Vera. (Vegan)
   c. Artichokes, pistachio and vegetable ham. (Vegan)
2. 'Hojalbravas' duo. Puff pastry potato and sweet potato with black garlic aioli. (Vegan)
3. Guacamole with fried vegetable chips. (Vegan and gluten free)
Main course (to choose):
1. Aubergine moussaka with romesco sauce, chestnut béchamel, quorn bolognese and cured vegetable cheese. (Vegan and gluten free)
2. Quorn bolognese lasagna with mushrooms, almond béchamel and truffle with Neapolitan sauce and vegetable cheese.. (Dairy free)
3. Low-temperature free-range egg with sautéed asparagus and mushrooms, red sweet potato parmentier, pesto of roasted pumpkin seeds with basil and Grana Padano cheese and plantain chips. (Gluten free)
4. Fresh pasta stuffed with truffles and served with our mushroom demi-glace. (Vegan)
5. Lebanese bread quesadilla stuffed with marinated seitan, sautéed seasonal vegetables and cheddar cheese served with chipotle mayonnaise. (Vegan option)
6. Sushi poke. Sushi rice served with avocado, mango, edamame sautéed in sesame oil, umami carrot, vegetable fish and vegetable shrimp fritters, sweet chili sauce and ponzu sauce. (Vegan and gluten free)
7. Vegan Love Burger. Quarter-pounder style vegetable steak with barbecue sauce, cheese, caramelized onion, dried tomato, mesclun and chimichurri sojanese on poppy seed bread served with potato and sweet potato wedges. (Non-vegan option with grilled free range egg)
Cheff special tasting dessers
Per person (drink not included)26,50
Per person (3 drinks included: water, soft drink, draft beer, glass of house wine or glass of cava) 35,00


Menu for children

Main course to choose:
Pasta with tomato sauce and grated cheese
Quorn nuggets with fries and salad served with ketchup
Vegan burger* with fries and salad served with ketchup
Dessert to choose:
Cooled cookie
Ice cream with toppings
Per child (drink not included)
* Supplement for vegan burger 0,60


Water 50cl 2,20
Sparkling water 50cl 3,10
Soft drinks 2,60
Orange natural juice 4,00
Lemonade 3,50
Lemonade jar 9,00
Tinto de verano 4,30
NØSTRE (our craft vermouth) 4,20
Sangria jar (for 2 people) 9,00
Sangria jar (for 4 people) 17,00
Agua de Valencia with natural juice (for 2 people) 12,00
Agua de Valencia with natural juice (for 4 people) 22,00


Draft beer (200ml) 2,50
Draft beer (330ml) 3,00
Draft beer (475ml) 4,50
Mahou Maestra 4,00
Mahou IPA 4,00
Mahou 5 stars (330ml) 3,00
Mahou sin 3,00
Mahou 0’0 toasted 3,00
Mahou gluten free 3,60
Ølga (our citrus lager) 5,5% 4,20


White wines


Vidilla (verdejo)
D.O. Rueda. Bodega Gil Family Estates

Rebel·lia (chardonnay and sauvignon blanc)
DO Utiel Requena. Bodega Vegalfaro
Atance Blanco Cuvée Nº 1 (meseguera and malvasia)
DO Valencia. Bodega Risky grapes
Caprasia (macabeo and chardonnay)
DO Utiel-Requena. Bodegas Vegalfaro

Cañas & barro (malvasia and meseguera)
D.O. Valencia. Bodega Viñas del Portillo
La sonrisa de Tares (godello)
D.O. Bierzo. Bodega Dominio de Tares
Terras do Sur (albariño)
DO Rías Baixas. Bodega Terras do Sur

Pago de los Balagueses (chardonnay)
Vino de Pago. Bodega Vegalfaro

Red wines

Rebel·lia (garnacha tintorera and tempranillo)
D.O. Utiel Requena. Bodega Vegalfaro
Caprasia (bobal)
DO Utiel Requena. Bodega Vegalfaro
Castro Candaz (mencía)
D.O. Ribera Sacra. Bodega Castro Candaz
Parotet vermell (garnacha tintorera and mando)
DO València. Bodega Celler del Roure
Luis Cañas reserva (tempranillo)
DO Rioja. Bodega Luis Cañas
Pasamonte (garnacha)
DO Vino de Pago. Bodega Vegalfaro
Albufera (monastrell and tempranillo)
DO Valencia. Bodega Viñas del Portillo
Erial Tradición Familiar (tinta fina)
DO Ribera del Duero. Bodega Epifanio Rivera
Figuero 12 (tempranillo)
DO Ribera del Duero. Bodega Tinto Figuero
Duarte (tempranillo and bobal)
Vino de zona. Verónica Romero Viticultora. Bodega los Duques
Pago de los Balagueses (syrah)
DO Vino de Pago. Bodega Vegalfaro
Hacienda Solano (tempranillo)
DO   Ribera del Duero. Bodega Hacienda Solano.

Rosé wine


Caprasia (bobal y merlot)
D.O. Utiel Requena. Bodega Vegalfaro


Caprasia brut nature (macabeo y chardonnay)
Bodega Vegalfaro
Sumarroca brut reserva rosé (pinot noir)
Bodegues Sumarroca


Pennyroyal, chamomile, lime blossom and thyme tea 1,50
Ceylan black tea 2,50
Chai tea. Cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, pepper and clove tea 2,50
Pu-erh red tea (Yunnan) 2,50
Sencha green tea 2,50
Rooibos Great Temptation. Rooibos, pineapple, roses, strawberries, mango, petals chrysanthemums, blueberries and mallow 2,50
Bon apetit. Mint, chamomile, anise, fennel seeds, cumin, mallow flowers and calendula petals 2,50
Good Night. Chamomile fowers, Melissa, black currant leaves, mint and sunfower petals 2,50


Doña Margarita
Tequila reposado, sirope de agave ecológico, zumo de lima y triple seco
Mexican wasabi
Tequila blanco, sirope agave ecológico, zumo de yuzu, clara de huevo, wasabi y jengibre fresco servido con cilantro fresco
Mojito deluxe
Ron extra viejo, sirope de caña de azúcar, zumo de lima, cava, hierbabuena y azúcar mascabado
NØSTRE bloody
Vermut NØSTRE, zumo de tomate, zumo de limón, sriracha, sal y pimienta
Negroni NØSTRE
Vermut NØSTRE, Remy Martin y bitter de cacao
Cachaça, sirope de vainilla y lima
Ølga Collins
Cerveza Ølga, Bombay sapphire, zumo de yuzu y sirope de caña de azúcar
Fruta de la pasión, sirope de vainilla, zumo de limón, zumo de piña, Fanta limón y hierbabuena
Pink lemonade
Fresas, sirope de vainilla, zumo de limón y soda

Gin tonics premium

Exquisita combinación de arándanos, moras y frambuesas. Dulce al paladar. Servido con frutos rojos y corteza de naranja.
The London Nº1
Destacan los cítricos, las especias y el enebro. Final ligeramente dulce. Servido con naranja y ramita de menta.
Roku japanese
Delicada y armoniosa. La auténtica ginebra artesanal japonesa. Servido con jengibre y rosas.
Ginebra clásica de aroma herbal, a cítricos y a bayas de enebro. Servido con corteza de lima.
Bombay Sapphire
Pionera entre las ginebras premium. Muy fresca y equilibrada con aromas cítricos. Servido con dos rodajas de lima.
Puerto de Indias
Aroma dulce y salvaje de la fresa y el enebro. Servido con fresas.
Complejidad de matices entre especias y cítricos. Final ligeramente floral. Servido con canela y piel de naranja.
Sorprendente y única. El enebro da paso a aromas cítricos y de azafrán. Servido con corte de limón y piel de naranja.
Tanqueray Nº TEN
Explosión cítrica en cada sorbo. Servido con rodaja de lima y corteza de naranja.


Cuisine that does not contain any products derived from animals, such as eggs, milk or honey
Gluten free
Suitable meals for celiacs
Ask for the option to adapt the meal
Alcochol free
Organic agriculture
Produced in a way that respects the environment without the intervention of chemical elements, components or processes
Sustainable agriculture
It guarantees global food security and at the same time promotes healthy ecosystems and supports the sustainable management of land, water and natural resources
! We have allergen information available. All our dishes may contain traces of allergens not indicated.
Any product or service requested by the client not specified in this menu, will have a price according to the product and/or the service that has been requested.